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3.4 oz Strawberry Milk body oil (Crybaby perfume by Melanie Martinez Scent)

3.4 oz Strawberry Milk body oil (Crybaby perfume by Melanie Martinez Scent)

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Fresh milk and ripe strawberries entwine in a creamy symphony, accompanied by sweet forest fruits. Powdery notes provide an elegant embrace, while caramel and woody undertones add warmth and sensuality.
This specific body oil is a bit more expensive than the other ones because ingredients were very expensive & hard to find to come up with the crybaby scent. This body oil is quite strong and projects, we make sure to put a good amount of clean fragrance/safe percentages and non are diluted. 


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Customer Reviews

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The oil smells amazing but was a little disappointed with everything. First the oil wasn't filled all the way so felt like I didn't get what I thought I was, then it didn't come with the pink bow which I was excited about and last it had a different name and sticker then it does in the description and photo. It said "strawberry tears" instead of "strawberry milk". A bit disappointing :(

Hello, we had made an update that we ran out of the ribbon & the packaging was going to change to Strawberry tears due to the other one looking a bit too sheer so we wanted to make the packaging more aesthetically pleasing. We also said that the ribbon was only going to be here until it ran out, if we kept it it would of delayed all orders due to being very time consuming from extreme high demand. We try our best as a small business to notify people but we understand not everyone is looking forward to our updates or posts.


Smells delicious!!


arrived within three days. it was packaged very well and they even included a 10% off code for my next order in the package. They recently posted about the packaging for this product being slightly changed, and I think the new look is beautiful.

Arlin Chicas
Love it!

Smells so good! My parents even complimented the smell. It’s pretty strong so don’t put too much even my room smells like it. Packaging was beautifully made. I wish there was a bigger size cause it smells so delicious! ~

Tiffania Lopez

Smells absolutely amazing! I got a lot of compliments from my family saying it smelled like fruits but mainly strawberries and loved how it smelled. It stays on for a good while without being too strong as well. It’s such a sweet and powdery scent, I love it!^^